Homeowner Resources and Forms




  • My unit has a fireplace, what are my obligations?
    • Units with Chimneys (By-Laws Article 10.02, 10.04) – Owners must have their fireplaces inspected and/or cleaned by October 15th of each year.  Inspection or cleaning is to be done annually by a certified chimney inspector.  A copy of the inspection must be sent to the Managing Agent by October 31st.
    • Owners who do not use their fireplace are exempted from the inspection and cleaning requirement provided that a statement affirming non-use is received by the managing agent by October 31st of each year.
    • Request –  When receiving deliveries of wood, trucks are not to park on the lawn.  Please park on the pavement and carry the wood in.
  • It’s snowing! What do I do with my car?
  • Am I responsible for windows and doors?
    • Yes, each Owner is responsible for all windows and doors.
  • What do I need to fill out an Architectural Request Form for?
    • All changes to the outside including windows, doors, rain diverters and heat pumps.
  • Does the Owner own the patio/deck?
    • No, the decks and patios are owned by the Association. They are a limited common element with exclusive use to each Owner.
  • Is water included or am I separately metered? 
    • Each building has one meter and the water usage is paid by the Association.
  • Can I come to an Association Board Meeting?
    • The Board has two semi-annual meetings each year which all Owners can attend (May & October).  If an Owner(s) would like to come to a meeting in between these dates they can. They need to send the Board (through CYC) an email on topics to discuss and the Board will commit the first 15 Minutes of their meeting to the Owner(s).